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Established since 2007

Growing up in the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria, I witnessed debilitating poverty around me. I was fortunate enough to attain primary and secondary education through the generosity of my hardworking grandparents.

But others were not so lucky and the trajectory of their lives was not much to write home about. They ended up recycling the poverty from which they have emerged. It dawned on me at that impressionable age that education was pivotal to breaking the cycle of poverty or unshackling people from its grip.

Education is emancipation!

So in 2007, I founded Caprecon to support individuals, especially young people, on their journey of emancipation, through education and other forms of empowerment.

Years later, I became interested in the experiences of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons, having done postgraduate studies in forced migration. I observed, with keen interest, the modus operandi of Humanitarian Aid and Relief agencies in Nigeria and noted, with some concern, that their programs were centered on providing scant material aid to Internally Displaced Persons, with little regard for their dignity.

To many NGOs, Refugees and IDPs were numbers to be checked off on a list.


But at Caprecon, we saw things differently. We knew that they were human beings with agency; and are able to cater for themselves, if enabled or empowered. Caprecon is built on the belief that every person has the right to design their own future. So we embarked on a number of programs,

in tandem with local and international organizations, to empower IDPs and other individuals impoverished by natural disasters, violent conflict and other debilitating tragedies. 

One of such programs is Sprout, and through it, we are able to provide IDPs with the tools they need to work themselves out of poverty and the misery; and become self-reliant.

Sprout is essentially our anti-trafficking initiative. It is aimed at reducing Child trafficking in IDP camps by providing IDPs with marketing and business skills training, entrepreneurship programs and anti-trafficking education. We work with local leaders within IDP camps to create community-based anti-trafficking defense forces to provide IDPs with the

tools to protect themselves and their communities.


To engage in peace-building, promoting reconciliation, dialogue and peaceful co-existence through peace education. To engage in poverty reduction, refugee care and humanitarian assistance, child protection, tackling human trafficking and advancing the rights of minority groups through education and advocacy.


Promoting peaceful co-existence within and between communities where everyone lives in dignity and meets their basic needs. Mission To engage in peace-building, promoting reconciliation, dialogue and peaceful co- existence through peace education. To engage in poverty reduction, refugee care and humanitarian assistance, child protection, tackling human trafficking and advancing the rights of minority groups through education and advocacy.


Meet the People Behind the Wheels

Dollin Holt spends most of his spare time, in the years that Caprecon has come into existence, working to empower impoverished communities, individuals and children.

He has been involved in post-conflict reconstruction efforts, including psychosocial care for refugees and IDPs.

Dollin has funded start-up costs for small businesses and the cost of returning at-risk children to school.

He is a scholar, poet, essayist, therapist and a humanitarian/development practitioner.

He has an LLM degree in International Human Rights Law, a Masters by Research degree in Media Representation of ethnic minority communities in post war Britain, and a Masters in Forced Migration and Refugee studies degree. 

The only way of measuring the value of our lives is to value the lives of others. -dh


Dollin Holt




Co-Founder of Sprout

John is a social engineer and development specialist who has dedicated the past decade exclusively to serving marginalized populations in Africa. He has built systems to protect orphans and vulnerable children, provide reproductive health services for adolescents and young adults, and expand treatment to adults with HIV/AIDS. John is a member of various government accountability mechanisms and is a fierce advocate of an open, inclusive Nigerian government.


Advisor for Caprecon

Describing herself as an “armchair activist” Linda is a voice for political and social justice.  A retired therapist, Linda has devoted this next chapter of her life, to writing political opinion pieces; considering herself one of many thousands of advocates for the rights of oppressed people everywhere including women and children.  

Her poetry is entitled “Letters From The Battlefield in Jammu Kashmir” can be found on social media. 


Co-Founder of Sprout

Philip is committed to protecting the rights of children and vulnerable peoples across Nigeria. He has dedicated his career to report on child trafficking in IDP and refugee camps across the country, and his publications have appeared in Al Jazeera, The Guardian, and The Daily Beast. He is Future Awards Africa’s Young Person of 2015, and his activism has established him as among the 100 most influential people in Nigeria.

Davidson Malison

Advisor for Caprecon

A Youth and Human Rights Activist based in Plateau State, Nigeria.

He’s also a freelance Journalist, social media influencer researcher, peace advocate, and grassroot crusader who is well skilled and specialized in organizing community-based programs.

A biochemist by profession, he has also been active in championing gender-based advocacies. 


Advisor for Caprecon

Juliet is a community advocate and adolescent mentor passionate about youth development. She has spent years implementing educational and arts-based interventions to children affected by the Boko Haram insurgency in northern Nigeria and providing humanitarian aid to the city’s elderly.


Advisor for Caprecon

Dr. Palmer has dedicated her entire career to researching the psychological impact of youth violence in the black community and advocating for its victims. Throughout her career, Dr. Palmer has designed and implemented community-based interventions to address the root causes of youth crime and heal the black community from decades of police brutality.

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Joseph Idoko

-Kogi State, Nigeria.

My life’s goal is to ensure that every child is given the necessary care and education they need to excel in life’s endeavours.


Do not give up on your passion to serve!

If you’ve ever thought of giving up, remember some people will regain their lives simply because you made a choice to serve. 

Faith Ojoma Okpanachi.

-Abuja, FCT, Nigeria.

Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose. My purpose is in making life beautiful for others.


I find fulfilment Volunteerng at Caprecon Foundation.

Having a passion for something is one thing, having a great opportunity to give expression to that passion is another thing altogether. This s what Caprecon represents!


-Kogi State, Nigeria.

Caprecon gave me boundless opportunities to help my community and society at large.


Caprecon International Development & Humanitarian Foundation

We inspire you to find the solution yourself. We support you to stand on your own feet. Our goal, amongst others, is to inspire hope and dignity in you; to foster a sense of self-reliance in you.

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